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Thursday, February 24, 2005

hardcore anime

Early last summer, Aaron decided to burn a little comp time nude hardcore pictures spend a few days de-stressing before the start of his favorite audit. Tax season had been a bear, and since we were both in desperate need of a long weekend at our favorite little bed and breakfast, the plan was for the two of us to sneak off together. Unfortunately, a major snag on my favorite audit scuttled our plans, so lesbian hardcore rather going off alone, Aaron decided to stay home and enjoy the comforts of our newly-constructed backyard deck.

It was Thursday evening. I was hot, tired and clip group hardcore sex video disgusted with the sloppy bookkeeping of the Medieval Knights and Maidens Association. The only good thing was . . . I'll save that for later.

"The prime rib should be done in about a half hour." Aaron said, after a fat black hardcore sex wet kiss.

"Good. Then I hardcore video trailers time for a shower."

"Could you take one later? I want you to help me pick the best photo to enter in the calendar contest."

For each of the last three years, Aaron had taken first place in the annual photo contest sponsored by our local chamber of commerce. This year's theme was People Doing Their Jobs. The possibilities that Aaron had been mulling over included everything from the bikini-clad girls at the Venus Carwash detailing a car, to our town's buxom lady cop hardcore-bondage-1832.blogspot.com making a bust, to his favorite wife me teaching her kick-boxing class down at the Y. See a pattern here? I could only imagine which shot he had settled on.

"So. Which member of your dream-team did you con into posing?" I asked. naked hardcore thugs
"My dream-team?"

"Your harem?"

Aaron scowled, and shook his head.

"Sorry. Who did you get?"

"Our mail carrier, Lori."

Carefully, he spread out six prints that followed the girl-next-door beauty going step by step through the process of delivering our mail. Knowing Aaron's taste in women, I was not the least bit surprised by his last-minute choice.

"Tell me about her." I said.

Aaron leaned back against the kitchen island and stared lustfully into space. "Let's see. Where to begin?"

"How old is she? movie hardcore free asia

I studied the pictures. I couldn't believe this diminutive knockout was that old! At best, I would have guessed her to be in her early twenties! "Is she married?"

Aaron nodded. "With three kids."

"Three kids?! With a body like that?!!"


Were I the jealous type, this hot-little-number would most definitely have earned my undivided attention.

"Of course!"

All cattiness aside, Lori is a natural beauty. But I doubt she knows it. At five-foot-three, she is definitely petite. Her hair is shoulder-length coal Free Adult Sex Stories black that for the shoot she was wearing pulled back in a pony tail. Her eyes are dark brown, and sparkle with a playfulness that I'm sure when coupled with her disarming smile and deep dimples hardcore gif my darling's heart.

To complete the image her breasts are full, and nicely shaped though her short-sleeve, blue and hardcore sex in canada uniform blouse does little to emphasize them. Her waist and hips are slender, and her legs extremely trim. Her khaki shorts were gay hardcore porn vhs too short, but did do an excellent job of accentuating her ass-sets.

"So what do you think?" my lover asked excitedly.

"I think you have another winner." I said.

"When I first saw her," he blurted out, "all I could think was 'Wow! She could deliver for me anytime!' If I weren't married to such a HOT babe as you, that is." he added, backpedaling rapidly

"Yeah . . . Right . . ."

The lecherous look on Aaron's face when he confessed his initial thoughts about our sexy little mail carrier, was priceless! hardcore galleries tgp brandi lyons hardcore pics kept from laughing out loud, I don't know. But what I do know, is that after helping my love pick out the best photo uncensord hardcore enter, I came up with the perfect scheme to give my darling the ultimate fantasy-cum-true . . .

It was just past ten thirty on Friday upskirt hardcore nasty when I wrapped up my audit of the Medieval Knights and index of hardcore punk bands Association a full hour and half ahead of schedule the only good thing from the day before. With as little fanfare as possible, I packed my audit bag and headed off to the mall to set my plan in motion.

Without spoiling the story to cum, let me say that this girl-on-a-mission was hell-bent on transforming herself from an ultraconservative CPA, into Lori's twin sister. So, with credit card in hand, I headed straight to Old Navy for a pair of khaki shorts and a blue and white blouse.

"Welcome to Old Navy! How may I help you?"

The bubbly salesgirl with her cargo pants and crop top manga sex harcore pics like a walking advertisement for the store, and just the person I needed to help me find the key pieces of my new wardrobe.

"I need a pair of shorts khaki and a blue and white blouse short sleeves."

"Follow me . . ." baggett hardcore
Less than five minutes later, I was checking out with my purchases, and was on my way up the escalator to my friend Joy's Shear Magic for an inexpensive, shoulder-length, black wig.

"Hi Chris. What can I do for you today?" Joy said.

"I need a wig. Black shoulder-length?"

"Are you and Aaron going to a costume party, or something?"

"Or something." I said with a wink.

"I have just the one . . ."

Another five minutes and it was time for a quick stop at Victoria's Secret for a front-hook bra and bright red thong. hardcore dominican
Three minutes more, an even quicker stop in the ladies room to transform myself into Aaron's latest, greatest, walking, talking, fucking wet-dream.

I closed the last button on my blouse, then vega hardcore girls down at my watch one o'clock on the dot. I folded my suit, then stuffed it and the rest of my clothes into the Old Navy shopping bag. A brief check of my look in the mirror, before setting a new record in covering the twelve miles back home.

As I turned down our street, I passed my inspiring twin getting grandmothers hardcore into her government-issued mail truck. I smiled to myself as thoughts of all the sexy, erotic things to cum raced through my mind. I couldn't help but teen hardcore pornography what Lori hardcorecore pics of women fucking boys think if she knew what her long-lost evil sister was about to do in her stead . . .

I parked my car three doors down, and walked slowly back to the house. I drew a deep breath, stepped up on the porch and rang the bell. A minute maybe two, passed. Aaron came to the door.

"Mister Samuels." I said, "I have this special delivery letter for you. May I come in?"

Aaron's eyes darted over me. His expression was a mix hardcore jordan surprise, amusement, curiosity and confusion.

"Sure Miss?"

"Lori." I said.

My love smiled and shook his head. "Lori?"

I pushed passed him, free anal hardcore pics found my way into the living room. Aaron closed and locked the door behind me.

"What time does your wife get home?" I asked.

"Not for hours."

I laid the envelope I had brought as a prop on the entry table, and walked to the foot of the stairs.
fucking playmate hardcore the hardcore archives up there?" I asked.

"What's going on?" Aaron asked.

"Didn't you once say that I could deliver for you anytime?"


"Who else?" I said.

That lecherous smile. "Okay."

"You never answered me. Are the bedrooms up there?"

"Yes." I took Aaron by the hand and lead him jesse jane hardcore galleries the stairs. When we reached the top, I dragged him into the guest room and quickly threw back hardcore teacher student covers. With a wink, I began to unbutton my blouse. Aaron took of his t-shirt and tossed free hardcore sex picture aside. I stepped forward and raked my nails across his bare chest.

"Would you like to help me off with my bra?" I asked.

Aaron expertly opened the front closure, then slid his fingertips over my breasts, pushing my bra aside. I shrugged my blouse and bra from my shoulders and let them fall to the floor. My love unbuckled my belt, then opened my shorts. I returned the favor. He kicked off his shoes. I, mine. Aaron pushed his shorts and boxers down, over his sexy butt, setting free his thick, beautiful cock. As slowly and seductively as I could, I eased my shorts over my hips and let them slide to the floor. I stepped out of them and put my arms around Aaron's neck. A long wet kiss. Aaron peeled xxx max hardcore my thong. I ground my now naked pubes against his growing hard-on.

"I don't have much time." I said, "So let's make the most of it." anal hardcore thumbnails gallery free
Aaron put his hands on my waist and lifted me off my feet. Moments later, I found myself laying in the middle of the bed with hardcore anime my darling's talented mouth pressed hard against my pussy. hardcore thai
He urged my legs wider apart. His fore and middle fingers held me open. His tongue dragged over my clit. His thumb slowly pushed back its hood. A series of butterfly licks sent luscious shockwaves running through me. I reached down and pulled him closer. His lips circled my clit. Gently oh so gently he began to suck teasing me with his tongue. The first of many orgasms washed over me.

"Oh god!"

That talented tongue left me replaced by three even more talented fingers that began a mind-blowing, rapid-fire finger-fuck that drove me further over the edge. extreem hardcore pornography , rough sex
My pussy was soaked with cum. Aaron's probing tongue was back, dancing over my inner walls.

He crawled up.

Our lips met.

Our tongues danced.

He offered me a taste of my own cum.

I accepted.

"Lori." he whispered, "Get on your hands and knees. japanese women hardcore want to take you from behind."

Aaron moved off me, and I eagerly complied. As I got into position, I couldn't help but wiggle my butt back and forth, teasing, enticing Aaron to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

I dropped down onto my forearms. My love moved behind me and entered me quickly and easily.

"Oh baby! Your pussy's free hardcore bizarre forbidden taboo rapist nice and tight!"

I reached back between my legs and skimmed my nails over his balls.

Aaron grasped my hips and rocked me back and forth on his beautiful, thick cock. For what seemed an eternity, he treated me to a slow fuck.

Without warning, he stopped all motion and held still inside me. His fingertips danced along my sides. Lightly ever so lightly he traced the curves of my breasts. A scrumptious chill covered them with goose bumps. My nipples hardcore anime hard. Aaron's fingertips circled my areolas. Gently, he rolled my nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Fiery kisses burned my shoulders. His left hand drifted back along my quivering sides, down to my mound. He pressed the heel of his hand against my neatly trimmed pubes and treated me to a most sensual massage.

"Lori? Do you like to be on top?" he free hardcore doggystyle thumbs free sample hardcore video clips
"Don't all girls?"

Aaron slipped his beautiful cock from me. As we had so many times before, we writhed into my favorite position. I knelt astride my darling. Slowly, I settled back, pinning his throbbing cock between us. Teasingly, I dragged my pussy along his full length. He cupped my breasts and pressed his thumbs hard against my nipples. Shifting my weight, I worked him deep inside me. I leaned forward as if waiting for hardcore junkys 100 pure filth kiss. Instead, I traced his lips with the tip of my tongue.

"Lori you are such a tease."

I stole a max hardcore free clips wet kiss.

"Our time is running short." I said, "Your wife will be home soon, and I have my route to finish."

I lifted my hips, then slowly slid back down my sweet's full length. Again. Again. darrian hardcore free pic again.

"Beg me to fuck you." I whispered, "Tell me how much you want to fill my tight femdom strap-on hardcore pics with your hot cum."

I settled my full weight down on his delectable cock. He ran his fingertips over my breasts.

"Okay." he whispered back, free hardcore dragonballz sailormoon pics on Lori. Fuck me. Fuck me for all your worth. Let me fill that velvety pussy of art xxx pussy pussey free hardcore Please baby. Cum on you sexy thing. Fuck me. Fuck me like there's no tomorrow."

Slowly. Oh so slowly, I lifted my hips. Even more slowly I lowered myself back down.

"Does your sweet wife give it to you this good?"

"Nobody's as good as you."

I leaned forward for another kiss. Before I knew what was happening, I was group hardcore movie my back with Aaron still inside me. I drew my knees up and blonde, hardcore my ankles. I pulled us together and stole a deep, long, wet kiss. Aaron set a quick, shallow, urgent pace. I came almost instantly.

"Your pussy is so tight! So hot!"

I drew my legs up higher. Aaron hooked his elbows behind my knees and took me hard and deep. Wave after wave of orgasm porn documentary max hardcore johnny toxic over me. His pace increased. Our carnal scent filled the air. My darling was nearing the edge. A final, deep thrust. His cum began to fill me.

Aaron slipped torrie wilson pics hardcore his shorts, then reached for his shirt. I pulled on my thong, and took my time manipulating it into place.

The doorbell rang.

I finished dressing as Aaron hardcore anime went to answer it.

"Lori." I heard my lover say.

"Hi Aaron. Is Christina home?" a soft, sexy voice said.

"No. She isn't."

Curiosity had the better of me. As silently as I could, I crept to the top of the stairs and peered down. Lori stood just outside the door. extreme mzture hardcore strained for a better view.

"I have an express mail envelope for her." she said.
free hardcore sex pictures and movies I take it?" Aaron asked.

"Of course."

Aaron checked the return address then laid it on the library table next to the door.

"Why didn't you give me this before with the rest of the mail?"

"We have a substitute sorter this week and she had it in with Sunsations Tanning's stuff. I didn't realize it until I was up there. Well. Gotta go. You will see your wife gets hardcore free stories and xxx pictures won't you?"

"As soon as she cums home."

I finished tying my shoes, then headed downstairs.

"Did you put her up to that?" Aaron asked.

"Nope. But I'll hardcore anime you what her timing couldn't have been any better because the look on your face right now is priceless . . ."

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